Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Health Care has had a very important role in Texas government. With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding federal health reform a few weeks ago, Texas has difficult decisions to make regarding this ruling. This article in the Texas Tribune lays out what these decisions are and and what consequences will come from the result of each decision.
After the Supreme Court ruling, Texas had the option of accepting funds to expand Medicaid or to make a consumer marketplace where people could buy their own insurance coverage. It is important to note that the government in Texas is mostly GOP-dominated. Thus, most people are overwhelmingly opposed to "Obamacare" and prefer the second option. The article notes that the Texas government does not have a sure answer if they will accept the fund or not. If they do, the expansion would be targeting those of lower income as well as financially supporting the Affordable Care Act. Both sides realize that a quick decision will be needed if they are to get what they want. But at the same time know that analysis and careful research need to be done before further legal action is to take place.
Overall, this article gives a good clear summary of what the U.S. Supreme Court ruling was and how it affects the Texas government. Rather than taking a look at just one side of the story, it brings in both sides to see how  they both differ. This is a good article for those that are just learning about this ruling.


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