Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog Stage 4

Following the trend of talking about topics that have been discussed in our participation topics and exams, this post will be about how the Democrats are coming back in Texas government. In this BurkaBlog, we see him talking about the rise of the Democrats in Texas. He brings up many of the same points that the textbook does, talking about the aging community of the Republicans and the increase of Hispanic Texas in the state. In fact, he backs this up with Obama's own words saying that even the president believes Texas will be a swing state soon meaning no single party will dominate the state. Burka provides statistical evidence supporting his claim saying that the only way the Democrats can come back is if they attempt to mobilize the Hispanic population since many Hispanics favor the Democrats. His conclusion states that he agrees with the fact that Texas will become a swing state but will take many years for this to happen.
Burka seems to be targeting Democrats that are unsure of the party's future and Republicans that do not think their opponents will come back. He provides the audience with a clear argument about the Democrat's future.
After some research, Paul Burka is the Senior Executive Editor of the Texas Monthly, a monthly magazine focused mainly on Texas and its roots. In his past, he has served as an attorney with the Texas Legislature and a member of the State bar of Texas (Source). The blog itself is known to be a liberal blog. There have been other blogs that question Burka and his credibility. However, if you read the specific blog that I've been talking about, you can see that Burka relies primarily on facts and stats to support his claim. Whether he is credible or not, the facts are that and any way you interpret them, they prove his argument.

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